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Client-side Advisory

We help organisations develop the necessary doctrine, policy, tools and ways of working to create repeatable, scalable capability acquisition at pace. We focus on being Problem-led and tightly integrated into mission teams to ensure investment is concentrated on the right problems to solve and delivering mission impact. We deliver, team, department and organisation-wide operating systems that:


Deliver a common language and understanding of innovation and its purpose for the agency


Focus on mission impact, not activity/spend


Accelerate the capability acquisition process


Connect missions and front line teams with R&D and rapid experimentation/development teams


Leverage Industry, Academia and Allies as force multipliers


Train the teams to be self-sufficient and able to train others


Create a cohered (often cross-agency) end-to-end Innovation Pipeline ® and best practices for each stage of the Exploration and Exploitation spectrum (problem sourcing sourcing, validation, discovery, incubation, transition) and each TRL level 0-9


Live Exercises

We offer a range of tabletop and live exercises where senior teams learn methods for rapid capability acquisition and mission innovation and then apply them to real problem sets. Our core exercise is the Innovation Navigators Course ®, and a subset of bespoke exercises are available.

Innovation Navigators

A course for senior military and intelligence leaders that teaches how to build and manage innovation pipelines, affect sustained cultural change and deliver immediate results. Participants learn:

Fundamentals of building an enterprise-wide innovation pipeline

The use of experiential methods to rapidly assess and prioritise the key challenges facing their organization

Key methodologies such as Lean Start-up, Design Thinking, and Rapid Prototyping, as well as an understanding of VCs and dual-use tech

How to create and sustain a culture of innovation across organizations with shared missions

This is the first course that trains government staff how to achieve mission impact through tangible, repeatable and scalable innovation processes.


Our coaches are both experienced in Defence and National Security operations and highly trained in innovation methodologies. They partner with mission teams and senior leadership to apply techniques learned through our exercises to work problems through their pipelines and into operations.



BMNT both builds new programmes that help governments acquire capability through the private sector and academia, as well as partners with existing government-funded programmes to improve effectiveness.

Programmes We Operate Include:

H4X Labs

This is a scaled deep tech, dual use accelerator for Defence and National Security developed and operated by BMNT in collaboration with the US Department of Defense and the Office of Naval Research. We have expanded H4X Labs into other NATO countries where cohorts work on shared military challenges and get assistance with US market entry. These programmes have accelerated 93 companies, raised £360M, with £50M in government contracts secured.


A programme that connects US and other NATO militaries, where shared challenges are identified and then start-ups with potential capabilities are identified, run through our accelerator programme, and then helped to secure contracts with the US DoD and their host country. This is operating between the US and Norway and the US and Australia, with a US-UK programme beginning in 2023.

The London Tech Bridge

A collaboration between the US Navy and Royal Navy run by BMNT to foster connectivity, agility, and innovation, the London Tech Bridge is a physical space and integrated team operated by BMNT on behalf of the Office of Naval Research (ONR). It supports dialogue, joint investment, and cooperative development between two Navies as they endeavour to advance from Interoperability to Interchangeability. We have established the London Tech Bridge Ecosystem Network with two industry trade organisations representing over 2,000 companies, 2 Hacking for MOD/DOD joint US/UK problem sets, and 6 UK innovation hubs, as well as enabled over 500 touch points with industry, government, and academia.

The Defence Investors Network (DIN)

For the past four years the US DIN has been the go-to intelligence source for investors that are interested in investing in national security related companies/technologies. The US DIN now includes 200+ active trusted capital investors, representing $80B+ of US capital. In response to the growing presence of UK national security investors, including the fact that not all have adequate transparency into the real needs of the defence and security end users, we have now launched the UK DIN formalise the collaboration between these investors to maximise impact for national security and dual-use technologies.

The Lean Innovation Summit

A training event to support innovation educators and practitioners to recognize emerging trends in business models, innovation, and technology, involving over 1000 educators, 68 countries, and 267 universities.

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